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"What can I do to help my child get the most out of youth sports?"

This is an important question for the parents of millions of children who participate in community and scholastic sports. 

Youth sports can offer tremendous opportunities for fun, friendship, and positive youth development.  Youth sports can also be stressful, expensive, and in rare but real cases, dangerous. 

Occasionally we get a question that resonates with a lot of parents.  We research the issue and provide a summary viewpoint here.

#1.  Should my child "play up" with older  players?

#2 What should we reasonably expect from a coach?

Parents have a serious responsibility to monitor the quality of community and scholastic sports, as well as guide their children through the inevitable ups and downs of competitive athletics.  This web site is intended to help parents help their children get the most out of their youth sports experience.

Enjoy the game!

Stephen Horan, PhD
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